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Review by Miranda of Mesa, AZ

First I resembled man. How am I going to stand to overcome this round of nursing school on the grounds that my books resemble $2000 and I’m getting genuinely tired of eating ramen noodles? So I resembled I’m going to search around and see what sort of arrangements I can cut. I needed to ensure my next source was solid in light of the fact that the last site I utilized just cost me $5 to lease a book however it was quite crude since they sent me a connection to download this book in my email and it originated from an old nursing home in Hawaii. It was extremely unusual, in any case… I discovered Chegg and I resembled this could be decent, so I felt free to arrange what I required.

The book got to me in 1 day AND it accompanied a Redbull! I mean on the off chance that I drank a red bull, I would be a model patient that they talk about in this psych book I leased in light of the fact that I can’t deal with caffeine great, however, I resembled this is so amazing! Long story short, I let my multi-year-old sibling have the red bull and I got the chance to get myself some decent sushi for supper rather than ramen noodles with all the cash I spared by utilizing Chegg. reviews reviews

Review by Mike of Meriden, CT

No long menu, 5-second hold up time to converse with a genuine individual, the delegate was thoughtful, quick, and supportive, had the option to discount the charge I called about. (Despite the fact that I didn’t request it, AND it was my own carelessness!) Honestly stunned by how positive this experience was so I needed to compose an audit someplace.


Review by Brittany of Reno, NV

Not certain why there is a mind-boggling measure of one-star surveys. I’ve utilized Chegg for a considerable length of time and not once have I EVER had a dissatisfactory experience. No interesting charges have been put for me, I’ve never utilized their guide/schoolwork administration, nor have I at any point needed to sell a book back to them. They’ve constantly gotten my course books on schedule, and I’ve generally gotten books that have been fit as a fiddle, regardless of whether they’re utilized. Chegg is a decent organization, with great costs for course readings and I’ll keep on utilizing them until they give me a reason not to.


What is Chegg? 

what is chegg

what is chegg

Review by Angie of Jacksonville, FL

Obviously, Chegg has a few books that are essentially less cash than purchasing from the school book shop. I normally purchase 2-3 books and end up spending all things considered $50-$60. Delivery is free on requests of $50 or more and now and again they have different arrangements and limits. They send your books ideal to you and after that when you have to restore the books, you simply print out the delivery mark they give and it is paid ahead of time, so you don’t need to pay to dispatch them back, and for what reason would it be advisable for you to when they’re the ones who need the books back?


Review by Kurt of Skokie, IL

Similarly, as with numerous different objections here, I utilized the online membership once and they kept on plunging into my record for a while with no notice. Naturally, I should drop the membership yet on the off chance that they have enough data to dunk into your financial balance normally why they can’t do the moral thing and advise you through the email address and telephone number each time they do as such on a month to month premise? The various organizations that I pay for administrations online send me a warning that my bill has been deducted and paid for on a month to month premise. Obviously, they are playing a numbers game and simply trusting they can unobtrusively keep on taking cash from your record without you taking note. As I would like to think, this is actually the kind of issue with online instalments and this is obviously deceptive.


Review by Sarah of Franklin, WI

I purchased a book from my school library, it was a brain science book that I spent over 100 dollars on. I needed to offer it to Chegg which they were going to purchase from me for 20.00 dollars, my school would have presumably paid me all the more however I would not like to sit tight for one year from now until they have the occasion. So I sent them the book, they send me back saying that the book is unapproved duplicate and that they won’t send me the cash or my cashback. I comprehend in the event that they would prefer not to send the cash yet I don’t comprehend why they won’t send me the book back.. I don’t comprehend why I need to lose my cash when I can send it back to my school. I ought to recover my cash and they can contact the school or stop the flow some way or another yet for me to lose my cash and my book, it is simply isn’t reasonable. I felt that they stole the cash from me particularly that my school would have repurchased it from me.


Editor’s review- 2.5/5

Chegg is a decent asset. Throughout my initial two years… what’s more, even into my third chegg has had the majority of answers for my course books. A few things to note.

  1. They don’t offer you each arrangement, yet would state they had answers for 93% of my schoolwork.
  2. 2. Only one out of every odd arrangement is clear, and some of the time mistaken. This was not duplicated from an arrangements manual, however, settled by their workers. Some of the time, in the event that you go through a computation you may see they dropped a negative someplace.
  3. You can rate the arrangements, you can remark on the arrangements. On the off chance that you have an answer with just 1 star, make sure to check the remarks to check whether somebody spotted something off base. In some cases the remarks offer generally excellent induce to the issues, not generally (remarks by individual understudies these are). Try not to expect an over-night answer to an inquiry you left in the comments…. or then again even an answer by any stretch of the imagination.
  4. Generally speaking, I exceedingly suggest it. There are a few issues, truly, however, it is commonly a solid source. What we did was one individual purchased the record and after that charge others in his group for the PW. Certainly worth the cash. Simply know it won’t tackle world appetite.
  5. On another note, attempt to discover the arrangements guides, they are out there… once in a while. Also, do join the IEEE Student Branch at your school in the event that you have one (which you surely should). Inquire as to whether they offer to coach. Throughout the years I’ve had 3 coaches from IEEE, 1 for Chem, 1 for calc, and 1 for electric circuits.

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