I’ve discovered that numerous Facebook advertisers are blameworthy of moderate crusade set up in light of the fact that they depend on the Ads Manager. The interface consumes a ton of time that could have been utilized considering how to push the record ahead.

facebook power editor

facebook power editor

For those new to Facebook’s Ads Manager, it would resemble setting up battles in the AdWords interface as opposed to utilizing AdWords Editor. Advertisements Manager is extraordinary for little changes, yet for full crusade fabricates, advertisers ought to use Power Editor.

Indeed, even inside Power Editor, I’ve seen advertisers not exploiting all the accessible highlights that could spare much additional time. Thusly, I will share regularly neglected efficient highlights so you can spend more vitality on the strategies and technique.

1) – Find And Replace

facebook cheat sheet

facebook cheat sheet

At long last, a “Find and Replace” alternative in Power Editor! We’ve just observed this element accessible in a couple of records, which most likely methods Facebook is trying it or gradually moving it out. In any case, we trust it’s setting down deep roots.

Presently you can without much of a stretch copy and rename crusades/promotion sets/advertisements instead of having to physically rename every one. For instance, we set up an iOS application introduce crusade with 36 promotion sets each containing 2 advertisements. As a result of this element, we effectively copied the crusade and renamed all the 36 promotion sets and 72 advertisements in under 2 minutes inside the interface.

2) – Split Audiences

facebook split audience

facebook split audience

Another cool element that advertisers aren’t exploiting is the “Part Audiences.” If you’re focusing on 18-65+ at that point it’s an ideal opportunity to stop and get progressively granular. I can ensure your exhibition is diverse by age and sexual orientation. A few sections will have better outcomes and some will have poor outcomes. It’s simply the idea of individuals based showcasing.

To find this element, explore to your promotion sets and select one. At that point click on the catch alongside the copy and you’ll see “Speedy Duplicate” and “Split Audiences.”

facebook cheat sheet split testing

facebook cheat sheet split testing

Snap-on “Split Audiences” and you should see another window like this one. From here, you can part your advertisement set crowd by age extend as well as sexual orientation.

Snap-on the include a promotion set in the base ideal to begin part up the group of spectators and making new advertisement sets at scale.

facebook cheat sheet split testing

facebook cheat sheet split testing

This could be your enchantment slug for making new promotion sets at scale and spare you a huge amount of time all the while.

3) – Scalable Naming Conventions

Probably the thorniest issue among PPCers (particularly organizations) is battle naming shows. As such, what applicable data ought to be contained when we name our crusades. I very prescribe thinking of your own naming show and staying with it. It’s astute to make one for Facebook battles as well. On the off chance that you’re attempting to know whether you have a strong naming show, at that point ask yourself, would someone be able to comprehend what’s going on in this battle on the off chance that I got hit by a transport?

On the off chance that you’re uncertain of where, to begin with your Facebook crusades, at that point you’re in karma since they’ve made the procedure overly straightforward. Begin by choosing an advertisement set or promotion you need to rename. At that point under the “Alter” tab click on “Alter Name.”

facebook cheat sheet

facebook cheat sheet

From here, you can start to include accessible fields to set up your naming show. Investigation with the fields and in the event that you don’t perceive what you’re looking, at that point add a custom content field to the blend.

In the model above, we added a custom field to incorporate “Hanapin” toward the start of each advertisement set name. This causes us to rapidly to distinguish our advertisement sets versus the customer’s when pulling reports. Next, we included crusade name, objective, age, sexual orientation, and interests (directed) so initially anybody can without much of a stretch see the goal and focusing for this advertisement set.

Other than sparing you and your group a ton of time, Facebook’s renaming highlight likewise has a couple of different advantages.

Proficient – Spend less time contemplating your naming. Ensure each battle/promotion sets/advertisements have a similar naming plan.

Conspicuous – Anyone can take a gander at it and comprehend what’s happening

Adaptable – Create a procedure that can be effectively duplicated and suit development

Detailing – Implement an institutionalized strategy that makes announcing in Excel simpler.

4) – Analyze Performance Insights

This component is profoundly neglected by numerous advertisers who work in Power Editor constantly. After you select a crusade/advertisement set/promotion, look to the extreme right and you’ll see a pencil, bar diagram, and solid shape (see underneath). Snap-on the bar diagram to get to the presentation measurements.

Break down Performance Insights

From here, you’ll have the option to choose which metric you need to plot. For this model, we needed to examine the CTR of a versatile just promotion set versus a work area advertisement set. The following is a case of that data created.

Analyze Performance Insights

Analyze Performance Insights

With this element, you never again need to download the information, rotate it in Excel, and make a line diagram. Contingent upon how quick you are in Excel, this strategy likely spares you 10-15 minutes.

There are some entirely cool exhibition experiences that can be increased just by using this element. Another outline I like to make is looking at numerous crusades by certain measurement. In this model, I’m breaking down five unique crusades by CPA.

Power Editor Campaign correlation

With this chart, it’s anything but difficult to locate the high performing effort and the battles that are performing better than expected.

5) – Rejected Ads

Have you at any point propelled new crusades with more than 100 advertisements going live? On the off chance that you have, at that point, you realize it very well may be precarious to guarantee that every one of your promotions is endorsed and running. Imagine a scenario in which you could rapidly observe every one of your advertisements that got rejected.

You can in Power Editor. Explore over to your channels and look down under “Advertisement Delivery” to discover, and afterwards chose “Rejected.”

rejected ads facebook

rejected ads facebook

On the off chance that you don’t have any rejected advertisements, at that point bravo, since you’ll see the no outcomes discovered screen.

no outcomes found

In the event that you do have promotions that were rejected, you can rapidly observe which ones and work to fix them. Consider including this channel into your week by week advancements just to ensure you’re getting and reacting to any rejected promotions.

6) – Campaign Tags

Battle labels are another element that advertisers need to exploit. They’re basically a similar thing as names in AdWords. I’m a colossal fan since you can utilize labels to sort out your promotion battles into gatherings and make them simpler to discover. This element is extraordinary for organizations who offer their promotion accounts with customers and for advertisers who love to inventory their battles.

Begin by choosing the crusades you need to make a tag for. At that point click on the “Battle Tags” secure by the “Make Report” catch.

facebook campaign tags

facebook campaign tags

Presently you’re prepared to start making labels that bode well for your battles.

When you’re finished making labels you can look for crusades by tag.

I like utilizing Campaign Tags to make finding certain battles a lot quicker, particularly for bigger records that have a large number of crusades. Discussion about time investment funds!

7) – Only See The Metrics That Matter

In case you’re investing any energy in Power Editor you may have seen numerous pointless measurements in the primary interface, making you look to one side to locate the ones you’re searching for. As a matter of course, Facebook gives an account of each metric accessible

Spare time by just taking a gander at the measurements that issue the most to your record.

Only See The Metrics That Matt

Only See The Metrics That Matt

Next, you’ll see a screen demonstrating that each measurement is check stamped. From here you can choose just the measurements that are critical to your battles, advertisement sets, and promotions.

Presently just the applicable measurements will show, sparing your time.


Ideally, you’ve turned into a Facebook Power Editor ace client with these seven highlights. These highlights should save your opportunity to contemplate how you can push the record ahead, which will make your manager, customer, and your organization/office glad. What highlights do you like to use to spare time? Connect on Twitter (@jdprater) to tell me.